SGB is an agricultural biotechnology company enabling the production of high quality, low-cost and sustainable plant oil, protein and biomass as sources for industrial materials, energy and food.  The company’s proprietary plant genomics, breeding and agronomy platform improves and domesticates existing and emerging crops by maximizing total yield, reducing input costs and enhancing production efficiencies.

With hybrid technology validated through a global field trial network and customer deployments in Brazil, Central America and India, SGB is a leader in the development and management of large-scale commercial projects producing significant volumes of plant oil, protein and biomass.

What We Do

  • Help customers secure large volumes of sustainable, low cost plant oils, protein and biomass for the industrial materials, food and energy markets.
  • Develop high-performing crops through a global crop improvement platform using molecular breeding, genomics and biotechnology.
  • Commercialize traits, genetics and other proprietary technologies.
  • Provide customized services and solutions to enable the profitable deployment and performance of commercial-scale agricultural projects utilizing novel crops.

Our Technologies

  • Molecular Breeding 
  • Genomic assisted breeding
  • Proprietary hybrid seed production
  • HTP genotyping
  • Gene discovery

World-Class Investors and Alliances

SGB's platform is significantly enhanced through landmark investments by Thomas, McNerney & Partners, Finistere Ventures, Flint Hills Resources, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries Inc., and Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: LIFE), a global biotechnology tools company.

Thomas, McNerney & Partners
Thomas, McNerney & Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in life science companies. Employing a multi-stage investment approach, Thomas, McNerney & Partners has $600 million in assets under management and provides seed and early stage funding to help entrepreneurs launch companies, as well as growth capital to emerging companies for furthering product development or for expansion of product commercialization.

Finistere Ventures
Finistere Ventures is a leading life science venture capital firm based in San Diego, California. The firm's investment strategy is focused on 'Food, Energy and Health' related technologies, with funds focusing on technologies related to agricultural innovation and medical devices and diagnostics. Particular areas of focus include abiotech, agritech, precision agriculture and renewable energy & materials from biomass, as well as medical devices and diagnostics, in areas including cardiovascular, neurological and ophthalmology. Finistere's team is comprised of investment professionals and scientific entrepreneurs with a long history of creating value. http://www.finistereventures.com/

Flint Hills Resources
Flint Hills Resources, LLC:
is an experienced leader in the processing and handling of petroleum, petrochemicals and ethanol products. This alliance provides strong validation of the global economic opportunity presented by Jatropha and offers the downstream expertise of a petroleum, chemical and biofuel leader.

life technologies
Life Technologies Corporation
: a global biotechnology tools company with sales of $3.3 billion in sales and more than 3,000 Ph.D.'s worldwide. Their investment and partnership with SGB forms the industry's most advanced Jatropha genetic program allowing for the rapid introduction of new commercial traits targeted toward increasing yield, reducing input costs and driving greater profitability. The partnership has successfully completed sequencing the Jatropha genome. Life Technologies is a brand of Thermo Fischer Scientific.

Bunge North America
Our strategic alliance with Bunge North America (NYSE: BG) provides access to the expertise of the largest oilseed processor in the world to research and develop a model to process Jatropha seeds.