JMax™ Hybrid Seeds

SGB has developed the world's first line of elite, high-performing Jatropha hybrids with significantly greater yields and profitability compared to existing commercial material. SGB's JMax™ hybrid seeds result in greater yield, uniformity and vigor, while significantly reducing handling and deployment costs for growers.

SGB's rigorous scientific program provides a continuous pipeline of attributes and trait improvements, enabling JMax™ hybrids to reach their full genetic yield potential while maintaining performance in adverse environments. Among the accomplishments to date, SGB breeders have accelerated the normal time to maturity from 4-5 years to 1-2 years. The top-performing hybrid to date has achieved the equivalent seed yield of 7 metric tons per hectare in the first year (based on over 1,000 plants at a density of 2,000 plants per hectare) with an average oil seed content of 39%.

Key attributes and traits include:

  • Improved seed & oil yield
  • Greater than 90% germ with direct seeding
  • Early seedling vigor
  • Early flowering
  • Greater plant vigor
  • Early fruiting
  • Large fruit clusters
  • Improved uniformity of ripening
  • Disease & pest resistance/tolerance
  • Accelerated time to maturity

Hybrid Seed Production Technology

SGB's proprietary technology for the mass production of hybrid Jatropha seeds enables a significant production increase over traditional propagation methods. SGB's JMax™ hybrid seed production technology:

  • Quickly scales large Jatropha projects with consistent, high yielding hybrid Jatropha.
  • Provides greater than 90% germination with direct seeding.
  • Hybrid seeds provide vigor for rapid crop establishment, with all the advantages of a deep tap root for better nutrient and water utilization.
  • Utilizes a fraction of the land that would be required to produce a plantation of clonally derived seedlings.

JMax™ hybrids have been tested and developed for a range of climatic and soil conditions. Through its research and development program, SGB continues to expand the regions for which JMax™ hybrid seeds are available.