JMax Knowledge Centers™

SGB has established a global network of professionally-managed hybrid trials and agronomic research sites, known as JMax™ Knowledge Centers, where the company has evaluated hundreds of hybrids and optimized production and agronomic practices in a range of growing conditions. SGB's hybrids have outperformed existing commercial and landrace varieties by between 250 and 900% in terms of seed production and through the expression of key plant attributes.

SGB's global network of JMax Knowledge Centers™ provide customers a proven process to select, validate and scale elite hybrid planting material and establish agronomic best practices for the deployment of profitable and productive energy crop projects.

Drawing on the strength of the largest and most diverse library of Jatropha genetic material in the world, JMax Knowledge Centers™ serve as outdoor classrooms where SGB's agronomists and technical teams conduct training and field tours with customers and growers while advancing hundreds of Jatropha hybrid varieties in our customer's unique growing environments.

The centers provide valuable, local agronomic and technical information on SGB's JMax™ hybrids to keep our partner customers and their growers on the leading edge of yield performance, efficiency and profitability.

Through JMax Knowledge Centers™, SGB offers a customized approach for developing planting material and generating agronomic solutions:

  • Professionally conducted trials using experimental design and statistical analysis
  • Evaluate hundreds of hybrids in a range of agronomic conditions
  • Select and advance the top commercial hybrids
  • Conduct agronomic research studies
  • Evaluate effects of plant density, fertilization, irrigation, pruning and harvest optimization
  • Provide JMax™ portfolio recommendations for local geographies