Crop Improvement Platform™

SGB's breeding, plant genomics and agronomy platform has developed high-performing Jatropha hybrids with significantly improved yields and profitability.

Breeding & Selection

SGB’s intensive breeding and selection program identifies and develops the most productive, regionally adapted material from our extensive array of genetic diversity. We continue to improve plantation economics by improving plant performance while lowering agronomic inputs. Our breeders and agronomists are addressing issues related to plagues and diseases through the development of pest and pathogen resistant hybrids, along with understanding the best practices for maintenance of plantation health and performance. Through inbreeding of parental lines we achieve the uniformity in hybrids that makes mechanization of this crop a reality.


In support of the breeding activities, SGB has applied sophisticated genotyping and molecular breeding tools designed to shorten breeding cycles and accelerate the time to marketplace of elite planting material. SGB scientists developed a state of the art, high throughput genotyping pipeline for multi-allelic determinations. This genotyping platform enables rapid and precise DNA barcoding of parental and hybrid lines with unique molecular identifiers.

These technologies, combined with advanced genomic methods, have provided the foundation for SGB’s aggressive breeding program. Molecular phylogenies of parental lines constructed from robust GBS data sets provide breeders with predictive information for maximizing hybrid performance, thus reducing the number of hybrid combinations that need to be trialed. This further accelerates our hybrid creation platform.


SGB’s team of agronomists has developed customized local agronomic protocols including land preparation, irrigation, crop nutritional requirements, management of disease, insects and weeds. SGB is also addressing production practices and strategies for optimization of plantation systems.