A Fully Integrated Approach

SGB is deploying commercial crop projects through a fully integrated approach that combines proven technology and economics, project design and management expertise, and an industry-standard downstream supply chain.

SGB understands that success with commercial projects requires that the complete value chain is addressed – from crop science and project development and management to harvesting, processing and refining all the way through the ability to sell into an existing global market.

Through multiple years of performance data and a knowledge base gained through the evaluation and pre-screening of SGB’s entire genetic library, SGB is now able to select and scale the top performing hybrids for commercial projects in multiple geographies around the world.

By having multiple years of performance metrics prior to deployment, and consistent results across three continents, SGB is able to more accurately forecast expected productivity and economics levels over the lifetime of a project.

For project design and management, SGB is deploying sophisticated, localized agronomic and production protocols to maximize the genetic potential of its hybrids and ensure consistent productivity across the life of the project. SGB’s projects also take advantage of an industry-standard, proven downstream supply chain for processing and logistics.