Top 10 Uses for Biofuel

As biofuel is known as an alternative to diesel fuel, there are other uses. Many assume that the material is used just for transportation. But biofuel can provide hydrogen, clean up oil, work as cooking oil and more. Biofuels can work as an alternative to replacing energy needs from vehicle fuel to central home heating.

Here are the top ten uses for biofuel.

1. Transportation

More than 30% of energy consumed in the United States is used for vehicle transportation. Across the globe, transport takes account of 24% of energy and more than 60% of absorbed oil. This means that over a third of oil is used to operate vehicles.

The main problem with alternatives is that solar, wind and other alternative power is not practical for transportation. Experts believe that efficient breakthroughs in practical technology advances are still decades away.

In short, biofuel can be turned into a hydrogen steam that is meant to be used in adjoining fuel-cell. More major car brands have already invested in stations for biofuel-powered vehicles.

2. Energy Generation

In addition to producing fuel for transportation, fuel cells have a power-generating application that is available for electricity. Biofuel can be used to generate power in backup systems where emission matters most. This includes facilities such as schools, hospitals and other forms located in residential areas.

In fact, the largest market for biofuel to turn into energy generation for over 350,000 homes from landfill gas in the United Kingdom.

3. Provide Heat

Bioheat has grown over the past few years. As the primary use of natural gas that comes from fossil fuel, the heat that comes from hydraulic fracturing will lead to the production of natural gas. While natural gas does not need to come from fossil material, it is also able to originate from the recently grown material.

A majority of biofuel that is used for heating is substantial. As wood is the most practical method to heat, houses that use wood burning stoves rather than gas or electricity. A blend of biodiesel will reduce the emission of both nitrogen and sulphur dioxide.

4. Charging Electronics

According to scientists from Saint Luis University, a fuel cell was developed with cooking oil and sugar to generate electricity; consumers will be able to use these cells instead of generating electricity. Consumers may be able to use fuel cells in place of batteries to charge anything from computers to cell phones. While they are still in the process of development, cells have the potential to become a ready source of power.

5. Clean Oil Spills and Grease

Biofuel is known to be environmentally-friendly, biofuel can also help to clean up oil spills and grease. It has been tested to work as a potential cleaning agent for areas where crude oil contaminated the waters.

The results have also been found to increase the recovery areas and allow it to be removed from the water. Biofuel can also be used as an industrial solvent for cleaning metal, which is also beneficial due to its lack of toxic impact.

6. Cooking

While kerosene is the most common ingredient to use for stoves and non-wick lanterns, biodiesel works just as great.

7. Lubricate

Diesel fuel is required to reduce the sulphur concentration as sulphur provides the most lubricity of fuel. This is important when it comes to keeping the engine properly functioning and to avoid premature infection failure.

8. Remove paint and adhesive

Biofuel can replace the toxic products that are designed to remove paint and adhesives. Biofuel is also considered as the best method for removing non-critical applications.

9. Create energy when fossil fuel runs out

As the oil supply is starting to run out. This has caused us to question how fuel can be extracted without destroying the environment. Biofuel –will help the government create a stable method of producing energy that is cost-effective.

10. Reduce cost and need for imported oil

More than 84% of the world’s petroleum is used in the United States. Despite the increase in fuel demands, the U.S. has recently started to decrease the need since 2006. This allows biofuels to become the best factor in energy reduction.

Analysts say that replacing imported oil with biofuel will help to stabilise the economy when oil is disrupted. It does not matter how much the United States spends on oil import but how the overall economy must be stabilised.

Would you use biofuel for your needs? What would you use biofuel for? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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